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Frequently Asked Questions


Washington Junior High

Frequently Asked Questions 2020-2021

 1. When does school begin and end?

Classes start at 8:05 am.  Students are not allowed in the main building until 7:45 am. Car riders and walkers are not allowed in the gym or main building until 7:45. Only early bus riders will be allowed in the JH gym and they will be dismissed at 7:45.  

Currently, students will be dismissed at approximately 3:06 and are to exit the building as quickly as possible. 

Breakfast will be a grab-and-go and will be eaten in first-period class.  

Students late to school will be required to have their temperature checked.

2.  What about supplies for the first day?

For the first day, a notebook and something to write with will be fine. Your teachers will let you know the specific items you will need for their class.  

PE clothes will not be needed on your first day.  Your PE teacher will explain the procedures for PE this year.

 3.  How do I put money into my lunch account?

The best time to put money in your account is during morning breakfast time (7:45-8:00).  However, on the first day of school, we will take students to the cafeteria before lunch so they can put money in their accounts.  Payments can be made with cash or checks. Make checks payable to Washington Community Schools. It helps to put your student’s first and last name in the memo section. Students may not charge their lunch.  Students will have an ID card that will be scanned at lunch.  Students will need these cards each day.  For your convenience, you can go into Skyward and deposit money in your student’s account.  There may be a one or two day delay when depositing online before it shows in the account. Please use the online payment whenever possible

 4.  What about medications at school?

All medications must be stored in the nurse’s office.  Parents must bring the medications, in their original containers, to the office and fill out the required paperwork.  Absolutely no medications should be in the student’s possession. 

 5.  What if my student is absent?

Please call the office if your student is absent (254-2682).  If you cannot call, please send a note when he/she returns.

 6.  What about picking up students for appointments?

We require parents/guardians to sign students out when leaving school during the day.  Send a note or call us regarding what time the student needs to be picked up. It is important for attendance to bring back medical excuses from the doctor or dentist.  There are visitor parking spots available in the parking lot across from the main entrance. Please attempt to schedule appointments after school. Temperature checks will be taken when a student returns to school.

 7.  How can I find out what bus I ride?

If you need to find out what bus you ride, or where your stop is located, contact the Superintendent’s Office at 254-5536.

 8.  Where can I pick up my student after school?

It is really up to you where you would like to meet your student.  Gate 8 on 6th Street is our main entrance.  However, 6th Street is blocked off between Hefron and Walnut from 7:30 am-3:30 pm. 

 9.  How do I get assignments when I am absent?

Log on to your student’s Skyward Account to get assignments or you can always email your teachers. Visit and go to buildings to find the junior high.

10.  Where is my bus after school?  

Busses 1, 2, 4, and 5 will be located on Walnut Street at the side of the junior high (Gate 7).  All other busses will be located in front of the junior high main entrance (Gate 8).

11.  How much time do I have between classes?

  You have 4 minutes between classes.               

12.  When is lunch? 

Currently, 8th graders go to lunch after 3rd period (10:40).  7th 

graders go to their homeroom.  At 11:16, 7th graders go to lunch and 8th graders go to homeroom

13.   Chromebooks. (NEW) 

This year Chromebooks will be assigned to each student to use during the day.

Students will pick it up each morning and turn it in at the end of each day. Students will be responsible for any damages.  Chromebooks are not to be taken home and they are not to be stored in lockers overnight.

14.  Phones 

Students may have their phones in their possession, but they must be out of sight and muted. They cannot be carried in your hands. Refer to the handbook on the website.

15.  Masks (NEW)

Currently, masks are required to be worn at all times in the school building.  This includes the gym unless otherwise advised by the staff.  Lunch is the exception. 

16.  Food/Drink (NEW)

Water bottles will be allowed this year.  We prefer clear.  Only water.  Please no soft drinks, energy drinks, etc. Absolutely no outside food or drinks are to be brought into school.  An exception would be bringing your lunch.  



We at Washington Junior High School believe that students should be able to dress in a manner that allows for expression and comfort and is also appropriate for school.

Shorts are allowed, but they must be no more than 4 inches above the top of the knee. Skirts, dresses, and all outer garments will also conform to this same rule. Rips, frays, and alterations to clothing must also conform to this rule. Pajamas and slippers are not to be worn.  Tops with low, revealing necklines, are not to be worn. Halter tops, bare midriff (a garment which cannot be tucked in if requested), tank tops, and sleeveless shirts are not permissible. Shoulders should be covered. Shirts or tops which advertise or promote drugs, alcohol, or tobacco in any way and clothing with profanity or suggestive phrases are also not allowed. Students are not allowed to wear any form of billfold chain. Students will also be required to wear pants on the hips at all times during the course of the school day (sagging is not allowed). Headwear is not to be worn in the building. Any extreme dress or hairstyle may be determined unacceptable by the administration on an individual basis. Backpacks, book bags, and any type of luggage are not allowed in classrooms. Body piercings must not be extreme.